ICPF Mission Training Camp

(In partnership with Double Portion Ministries)

May 30 – June 1, 2019

Online Registration

  • Registration Fees: $50.00 per person (Food will be provided)

(ICPF USA seeking sponsors to meet travel expenses)

Tentative schedule (more details will be provided after registration):

Mission Trip

Open to everyone above the age of 15. Offering both evangelism training and experience to reach people from a vast array of cultures, religions, lifestyles, and world views. As missionaries, you will learn to pray with hurting people. You will be taught how to preach in an open-air setting and witness in a fast-paced city atmosphere. You will share the gospel on street corners, in parks, and go door-to-door sharing the love of God. You will participate in community building projects and bring light into dark places. You will receive hands-on training to take back what you learned and impact your local community.


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Mission Trip Info

  • Contact us:

    For questions please contact:

    • Bro. Justin & Vineetha Thomas
      Ph: (405) 818-4270
      Email: jutthomas@gmail.com

    • Bro. Danny & Jessena Varghese
      Ph: (405) 824-1231
      Email: dannyjessena@gmail.com

  • Other details:
    •  Separate men and women’s dorms and facilities
    • Older ICPF men and women members will be part of the trip 
    • Travel arrangements will be coordinated by ICPF USA
    •  Types of outreach include Street preaching, personal evangelization, park outreach, homeless ministry, community building projects,
    • youth/children’s ministry, elderly visitations, door-to-door ministry


May 30th


  • Evening: Mission Evangelism Training
  • Prayer, preparation, and dinner
May 31th


  • Morning: Mission Evangelism Trainin
  • Afternoon/Evening: Evangelism Outreach -Downtown and other areas
June 1st


  • Morning/Afternoon: Community Appreciation Activities
  • Evening: ICPF Convention & Mission Challenge

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